EC series rental screen
Design Specification


The rental LED screen is a special type of industrial products, with a wide range of application scenarios. Due to the highly competitive ,it is difficult to make differentiation in the installation and maintenance, so we need to find a new breakthrough in the design. After analysis and derivation ,finally use the scene extension and improve cost performance as the tipping point for the future rental market , so the two different size 500 * 500 and 500 * 1000 splicing of boxes become the key point. The combination of single size screens show the professional temperament, the two sizes mixed with perfect visual unification.The design eliminated unnecessary elements, streamlining the design language, not only makes the existing functions better, but also forms a unique enterprise image. Consideration of the product processing technology and reduce the processing cost and improve the yield. To get higher profits to the enterprise, reduce the purchase cost for the renter, and provide a humane working system for the installation workers.


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