Upella 智能垃圾桶

Upella intelligent trash can
Design Specification


Intelligent trash can reduce bacteria and improve environmental quality more than traditional simple trash can, but when used, intelligent trash can also has a few more operation links than traditional simple garbage can.In addition to the design can "automatically flip", we from the cover, leakage inside the barrel, change bags, press the barrel edge... These links, also added a lot of "automatic" experience, come to the convenience of the operation of Caishan.Through the modelling way, lets the product design highlight the brand element. The sale process is very easy to establish brand cognition in the user psychology.The addition of transparent materials weakens the traditional image of the trash can, and brings a relaxed, quiet visual feeling.


Contact Information

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+86 180 2530 8885 (张先生)
Room 602 ,Financial Technology Innovation Center Building A,No 1 Shihua Road ,Bonded Area ,Futian District,Shenzhen
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