CoinID-Blockchain wallet
Design Specification


CoinID light luxury vision, a ultra-high security block chain chip-level hardware wallet, support BTC, ETH, EOS three main chains and more unlimited access.The design makes effective use of the material characteristics, so that the large block body gives a unique cold feeling with the extremely simple and tough lines, and the light luxurious design satisfy the user's taste.With the technology of financial-grade security chips, it support physical true random numbers, chip-level encryption private key storage. Prevent sniffing, violent collisions, supply chain attacks, and maid attacks. End-to-end channel encryption to prevent information leakage and tampering, and to eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks. Equipped with financial-grade chip operating system WOS; HD layered deterministic architecture, supporting multi-chain unlimited expansion.About function, it support the creation of decentralized block chain security account key tree seed, mnemonic backup and recovery, private key creation, encryption storage and secure area offline signature, which provide the bank-level security for digital assets.The hardware wallet interacts friendly with the APP to ensure security while achieving the best  experience. Random nin-square check key PIN code can prevent theft and leakage. Following the BIP32/39/44 standard, it have a set of mnemonics to recover all assets at any time.


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