FUNZZI Steam face
Design Specification


When designing, we try our best to make the product beautiful in both the use state and the non-use state, and will not affect the integrity of the model because of some switch mechanisms during use. This type of face steamer can expose the spray opening and release the aromatherapy tablet bracket as long as it gently pushes the push cover on the top surface. It is simple and convenient to use. When it is closed, it can cover the spray opening and fold up the aromatherapy tablet bracket, which is clean and sanitary. The bottom is made of transparent material to strengthen the pure and beautiful product quality. The design of the spray port air duct reduces the risk of back flow injury to the atomizer caused by the condensation of water mist into water droplets.This type of face steamer is designed to evoke a pure and relaxed association of users. Design is based on a slightly deformed geometry. At first glance, the sight is relaxed and smooth. Transparent materials are added at the bottom of the body, emphasizing purity and clarity. The use process is complete at the same time, which is elegant and concise. The environment, artistic conception and mood are all driven by the product.


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